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Imagine a financial world where you can diversify your investment portfolio while enjoying consistent returns. Yes, that is possible. Muthoot FinCorp’s Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs), offers precisely that.

Let us today explore the process of investing in Muthoot FinCorp NCDs, uncovering the unique advantages it brings to your investment strategy. Whether you are a seasoned investor or someone just stepping into the investment arena, see how your NCD investments can help you plan your financial journey better.

Guide to Investing in Muthoot FinCorp NCDs:

  • Download the Muthoot FinCorp ONE App: To start investing in Muthoot FinCorp NCDs, you can either download the Muthoot FinCorp ONE app or visit our website You can begin your NCD investment journey by providing your email address and PAN (Permanent Account Number) for verification purposes.

  • Proceed to choose a series: Muthoot FinCorp Ltd. offers various NCD series, each with different interest rates and tenure options. Please read carefully and review the available series to select the one that aligns with your investment goals.

  • DEMAT Account Details: A DEMAT account is required to hold your NCD investments electronically. If you already have a DEMAT account, please provide the necessary details. If not, you will need to open a DEMAT account with a registered Depository Participant (DP).

  • UPI Address and Application Submission: Next, provide your UPI (Unified Payments Interface) address, which will be used for the NCD application and allotment process. Once you have filled in all the required details, submit your application.


Investing in Muthoot FinCorp Ltd. NCDs offers a range of compelling reasons that make them an attractive addition to your investment strategy.

Muthoot FinCorp NCDs stand out due to the interest rates we offer compared to traditional fixed deposits and savings accounts. This interest rate potential can translate into the possibility of earning higher returns on your invested capital.

Furthermore, NCDs provide a steady and reliable source of income through periodic interest payments. You have the flexibility to choose the payment frequency that best aligns with your financial needs, whether you prefer monthly, quarterly, or annual payouts. This predictable income stream can contribute to your financial stability.

Another advantage of investing in Muthoot FinCorp NCDs is the opportunity for diversification. By including NCDs in your investment portfolio alongside other assets like stocks and mutual funds, you can effectively spread your investments. This diversification strategy can help mitigate overall investment risk and enhance your portfolio.

Muthoot FinCorp NCDs also offer flexible tenure options. With predefined maturity periods, you have the freedom to tailor your investments according to your financial goals. Whether you are seeking short-term gains or long-term stability, there is likely an NCD series from us that matches your investment timeline.

The creditworthiness of Muthoot FinCorp is reinforced by credit rating agencies, which assess and assign credit ratings to these NCDs. A higher credit rating reflects the issuer's strong financial health and lowers the risk of default. This assurance makes Muthoot FinCorp NCDs a relatively safer investment choice for those seeking stability.

Lastly, although interest income from NCDs is typically taxable, certain deductions or exemptions may apply, potentially enhancing your after-tax returns.

Investing in Muthoot FinCorp NCDs presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking diversification, regular income, and potential tax benefits. By following the easy steps mentioned above, you can easily initiate your NCD investment journey through the Muthoot FinCorp ONE app or website.

As with any investment, it's crucial to conduct thorough research, assess your risk tolerance, and consult subject matter experts to make informed decisions that align with your financial goals and objectives.

Muthoot FinCorp ONE, as an SBU of Muthoot FinCorp Limited, is a one-stop solution for your finances. With a legacy spanning over 135 years and the trust of more than 1 crore customers, you can be confident that when you are with Muthoot FinCorp ONE, you are with the best in the business.

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