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Gold is a precious metal that holds significant cultural, historical, and financial value. When it comes to investing in or using gold for various purposes, it's essential to understand the different types of gold available.

Let’s look at the various types of gold, from pure gold to gold alloys, and uncover their unique characteristics.

  • Pure Gold (24 KT Gold): Pure gold, also known as 24 KT gold, is the highest quality and purest form of gold available. It contains 99.9% gold, with trace amounts of other metals. It has a bright, vibrant yellow color and is incredibly malleable and soft. Due to its purity, pure gold is often used in jewellery and intricate designs. However, its softness makes it less suitable for everyday wear.

  • Gold Alloys: Gold alloys are created by combining pure gold with other metals, such as silver, copper, zinc, or palladium. These alloys enhance gold's durability, strength, and color variations. The most common gold alloys include:

22 KT Gold: 22 KT gold contains 91.7% gold and 8.3% other metals. It is highly popular in jewellery making, especially in countries like India and the Middle East. This type of gold maintains a balance between purity and durability, making it suitable for daily wear.

  • 18 KT Gold: 18 KT gold consists of 75% gold and 25% other metals. It offers a good balance between purity and durability, making it suitable for both jewellery and investment purposes.

  • 14 KT Gold: 14 KT gold contains 58.3% gold and 41.7% other metals. It is commonly used in the United States and is known for its affordability and durability. Jewellery made from 14 KT gold is less likely to scratch or dent.

  • 10 KT Gold: 10 KT gold consists of 41.7% gold and 58.3% other metals. It is the most durable form of gold. Although it contains the least amount of gold among the gold alloys, it is still used in jewellery and some investment products.

White Gold: White gold is an alloy made by combining gold with white metals such as nickel, palladium, or silver. It has a silvery-white appearance and is a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewellery. To enhance its appearance, white gold is often plated with rhodium, which gives it a shiny, reflective surface.

Rose gold: Also known as pink gold, is an alloy created by combining gold with copper. It has a warm, rosy hue that has gained popularity in recent years. Rose gold is commonly used in jewellery, particularly for rings and bracelets, due to its romantic and elegant appeal.

Green Gold: Green gold is a unique gold alloy that incorporates a higher concentration of silver, resulting in a greenish appearance. It is not as widely used as other gold alloys and is primarily seen in antique jewellery or specific cultural designs.

Understanding the different types of gold is crucial for making informed decisions when it comes to purchasing or investing in gold. Whether you're considering buying jewellery, gold coins, or exploring investment opportunities, knowing the characteristics and differences between pure gold and gold alloys can help you make the right choices. Remember, when it comes to financial services related to gold, Muthoot FinCorp ONE offers convenient and reliable Gold Loans options. With their Gold Loans calculator, doorstep service, and safe storage facilities, you can unlock the value of your gold with ease and peace of mind.

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