6 Benefits of Financing Higher Education with a Gold Loan from Home


Education plays a crucial role in shaping an individual's growth and development. Pursuing higher education opens up new doors of opportunity and leads to a promising future. Unfortunately, funding higher education can be a daunting task. Although educational loans are a common option to finance education, they have strict eligibility criteria and documentation requirements

Here are 6 benefits to consider Muthoot FinCorp ONE’s Gold Loan from Home:

1. Gold Loan is a Great Option to Sponsor Your Education: A Gold Loan can provide the funding you need to finance your education without strict eligibility criteria.

2. Gold Loan Can Support You with University or College Fees, Lodging Costs, and Educational Aids: The funds from a Gold Loan can be used to cover a variety of educational expenses.

3. Anyone Above 18 Can Apply for a Gold Loan with Minimal Documentation: The application process for a gold loan is straightforward and doesn't require extensive documentation.

4. Apply for a Gold Loan from the Comfort of Your Home Through the Website or App: At Muthoot FinCorp ONE, you don't have to leave your house to apply for a gold loan. You can do it online through the Muthoot FinCorp ONE website or app.

5. Loan-to-Value of Up to 70% for Your Gold Jewellery: With the Muthoot FinCorp ONE Gold Loan, you can get up to 70% of the value of your gold jewellery.

6. Interest rates as low as 0.83% p.a: Gold Loans typically have lower interest rates compared to other types of loans, making them an affordable option for funding your education. At Muthoot FinCorp ONE you can get Gold Loans with interest rates as low as 0.83%* p.a.


So don't let a lack of funding be an obstacle to achieving your aspirations. Consider a Gold Loan from Muthoot FinCorp ONE to finance your higher education.

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