Guide to check the value of your gold


If you have gold jewellery lying idle, it can be very beneficial to cover any short-term cash needs. You can use a gold loan to start or expand your dream business, for higher education, a marriage in the family or a holiday trip.

We offer gold loans from home , so you can get a gold loan from the convenience of your home. But how would you check how much loan amount you can get against your gold jewellery? Here's a helpful guide to get you started:

The karat value of your gold jewellery The first determining factor is the purity of your gold jewellery. It is stated in Karat, which is 1/24 portion of the gold metal contained in it. 24 karat, which is 99.9% pure, is very soft gold and can't be used for jewellery making. Gold jewellery is made by adding metals like Zinc, Nickel etc., to pure gold. 22 karat, which is 91.67% in purity, is the best Karat rating for ornaments. As the Karat value increases, the percentage of gold in the jewellery also increases. Any gold jewellery you have usually has a Karat rating.

The LTV of your gold loan The second factor is LTV or Loan-to-Value, which is the ratio of the loan amount to the market value of the pledged gold jewellery. Our gold loans from home offer the maximum LTV under a gold loan in the market without any hidden charges. You can get a gold loan of up to 75% or more of the market value of gold from the comfort of your home. The market value and purity of the collateral gold decide your maximum eligible loan amount.

The weight of gems When you buy gold jewellery from a retail outlet, the final price includes the karat value of gold, making charges, price of stones or gems, hallmark charges and applicable taxes. If you are pledging ornaments with precious stones, the actual weight eligible for a gold loan is calculated by deducting the stone weight from the gold weight.

You can use our online gold loan calculator to evaluate the loan you are eligible for against your gold jewellery.

How to use the gold loan eligibility calculator? Our gold loan calculator will help you evaluate the monetary value of gold and the customized repayment plans. You can access the gold loan eligibility calculator by following these simple steps.

  • Log on to and scroll down to the Gold Loan Amount Calculator.

  • Enter the loan amount or gold weight to be pledged and "get the value." If you enter the amount you wish to loan, it will display the weight of gold in grams that needs to be pledged and if you enter the weight of gold in grams you have, it will show the loan amount you are eligible for.

  • You will also find a variety of schemes based on the loan amount on the right-hand side. The information includes the monthly interest rate, gold loan eligibility per gram , loan value range, tenure, annual interest, and a schedule of the interest rate for different terms.

  • Choose a scheme suitable for your budget and click "avail this scheme." You will be directed to schedule a call to set up an appointment.

  • Once the home visit appointment is set up, one of our loan managers will visit your place to evaluate the purity and weight of your ornaments. The eligible weight is calculated by deducting the stone weight from the gold weight. After gold evaluation and approval, we will quickly transfer the loan amount to your account*.

You can also get a top-up loan on your existing gold loan If you have not taken the maximum amount that is permissible for the collateral ornaments, you can avail the residual amount at a later time. This feature is known as gold loan top-up.

As our existing customer, you are eligible for a gold loan top-up if you have not availed the full amount at the time you pledge gold jewellery or if the market value of gold has increased since pledging.*

With our gold loan from home, you can get a gold loan of up to 75% or more of the market value of gold from the comfort of your home. Head to our website to learn more about gold loan top-up benefits and book an appointment for a gold loan from home.

*T&C Apply.

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