Why is the future Digital for the Gold Loan industry?


You might have experienced the normal gold loan application process involving multiple visits to a bank or NBFC and extensive paperwork. Carrying your valuable jewellery to the lender is also unsafe. You need to be physically available for all the procedures from the loan application, timely payments and loan closure at a gold loan company. Various innovations, such as online payments, home delivery, mobile apps and the ability to get a gold loan from the comfort of your home, have changed customers' perceptions of gold loans.

Because of the ease of availability and lowest financial charges, a loan against gold jewellery is a great alternative source of financing. You can avail of a gold loan to fulfil your dreams like starting or expanding your business, educational purpose, marriage in the family or a vacation to your favourite holiday destination.

The pandemic and the Government’s initiative toward a cashless economy have urged people to use online or mobile banking apps for financial transactions. Like other sectors, the gold loan industry has also adopted the digital mode of transactions in all aspects.

We are backed by Muthoot FinCorp, one of the leading NBFCs in India with a legacy of 135 years of serving customers. We offer gold loans from home to provide ease, safety, convenience and digitalisation to the traditional process of gold loans. With our gold loan from home service, you can apply for a gold loan from the comfort of your home. The advantage of opting for a gold loan from home with us is that you can avoid the risk of carrying your gold outside and save time spent travelling and waiting in long queues.

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Features of our gold loan from home

  • Enjoy the maximum value for your gold in the market without any hidden charges.

  • 0% processing fee for our gold evaluation and collection services.

  • Lowest gold loan interest rates for your gold.

  • Our easy and flexible repayment options allow you to repay your loans before the tenure period.

  • Your pledged gold jewellery is automatically insured for an added layer of security.

  • Conveniently access your gold anytime, at your home or at your nearby Muthoot FinCorp branch. Digital integration of technology and innovations are at the core of our offerings to provide the best gold loan from home experience.

  • Our gold loan amount calculator With regular gold loans, you need to visit a branch to know the quantity of gold required against the loan amount. We have an online gold loan calculator that can easily help you calculate the value of your gold and the loan amount you can get against that gold online. Click here to access the Muthoot FinCorp ONE gold loan calculator.

  • Muthoot FinCorp ONE gold loan repayment online You can access and stay up-to-date with your account information and conduct real-time transactions on the go. Use your mobile number to access our quick pay portal, easily view your account information and make gold loan online payments. For more information, head to our website and check out details on how to repay your gold loan. https://www.muthootfincorpone.com/repay

Our gold loan from home is the most convenient and innovative gold loan in the market. You can avail the loan without the risk of carrying gold outside and accomplish your dreams while the gold jewellery is secured and insured with us. The lowest gold loan interest rate and flexible repayment options will help you to repay the loan and access your gold anytime, at your doorstep or from our branch. Head to our website to book an appointment today.


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