How To Apply For Dhan Suraksha On Muthoot FinCorp ONE

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Life is unpredictable and in the times of uncertainties, Muthoot FinCorp Dhan Suraksha is like a dependable policy, ready to provide a shield against unexpected financial bumps. Whether you are a Muthoot FinCorp Ltd. Gold Loan customer or not, securing your tomorrow has never been easier, thanks to this policy available on Muthoot FinCorp ONE app.

Muthoot FinCorp Dhan Suraksha is a non-participating, non-linked group insurance policy offering a comprehensive set of benefits, including Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disability Benefit, Hospital Daily Cash Benefit, EMI Protect Cover, and Critical Illness Cover.

Muthoot FinCorp Dhan Suraksha Policy, available on Muthoot FinCorp ONE, is provided by TATA AIG.

Today we will look at how easy it is to apply for Dhan Suraksha Policy – for a worry-free future.

However, before diving into the application process, it is crucial to understand the available plans. The Dhan Suraksha policy offers three plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each plan has Basic, Standard, and Premium variants.

The coverage amounts and premiums vary, allowing you to choose a plan that aligns with your needs and budget.

The policy term for each plan is one year from the date of issuance, ensuring flexibility and adaptability. The Silver Plan, for instance, offers coverage for Accidental Death Benefit, Hospital Daily Cash, EMI Protect, and Critical Illness. The coverage amounts and premiums differ based on the selected plan and coverage type.

Purchasing the policy is a fairly straightforward process:

You can purchase a Muthoot FinCorp Dhan Suraksha Policy on Muthoot FinCorp ONE app from the insurance section in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Download the Muthoot FinCorp ONE app

Step 2: Visit the Homepage section, tap on Insurance and then click on Dhan Suraksha Policy

Step 3: Please go through the instructions in the following two cases:

  • If you are a Gold Loan customer: Select a Gold Loan Account ID with the specified loan amount and choose your preferred Dhan Suraksha plan

  • If you are a non-Gold Loan Customer

  • Then choose your preferred Dhan Suraksha plan to continue.

Step 4: Check the selected plan details

Step 5: Enter the policyholder and nominee details

Step 6: Answer the questions regarding your health condition and tap Save & Continue.

Step 7: Review policy details and proceed to pay (Important: Don’t forget to accept the terms & conditions before proceeding to make a payment).

Step 8: Once you have completed the payment you will receive a confirmation message and you can then and download your ‘Certificate of Insurance.’

Policy Issuance and Eligibility: If there are no health issues, the policy issuance is instant. As for eligibility, Muthoot FinCorp Dhan Suraksha policy is available to both new and existing Muthoot FinCorp Ltd. customers. A Unique Customer Identification Code (UCIC) with an active status is a prerequisite for eligibility. If you don't have a UCIC code, you can obtain it at the nearest Muthoot FinCorp Ltd. Branch as well as on Muthoot FinCorp ONE app.

In conclusion, securing your financial future has never been more accessible. Muthoot FinCorp Dhan Suraksha Policy on Muthoot FinCorp ONE app offers a robust set of benefits, and the application process is user-friendly. Take the step towards financial security today by applying for this comprehensive insurance policy. Remember, a secure future begins with a well-protected present.

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