Gold Loan from Home Payments Related

During the tenure of your Gold Loan, you need to pay the minimum amount due to avoid any penalty, which is the sum of accrued interest to date and any other charges.
Upon the tenure completion of the Gold Loan, the total amount due is the sum of the principal amount, the accrued interest to date, and any other charges. You can view the total amount due to date on the app that you need to pay to close your Gold Loan.

Yes, you can foreclose your Gold Loan account. However, if you foreclose the Gold Loan account within the first 7 days from the start date of your Gold Loan, you will have to pay the minimum amount due which is accrued interest over 7 days on your Gold Loan amount.

No, there are no foreclosure charges on our Gold Loans.

If you fail to pay the accrued interest amount on time, the company reserves the right to increase the Interest rate to the next slab, according to the terms of the loan scheme. To know more about this, please refer to the scheme terms and conditions here.

You can repay your Gold Loan using Net Banking, Debit Card, or UPI payment method through the app. Alternatively, you can repay the Gold Loan in cash at any of our Muthoot FinCorp branches up to the approved cash limit.

You can pay off your Gold Loan through monthly loan repayments that include the interest levied on this loan amount during the tenure that depends on the Gold Loan scheme applicable.
You must repay the principal amount with the accumulated interest during the loan tenure and any other charges to close the Gold Loan.

Yes, can make part payment on your Gold Loan from Home. So, any repayment made above the accrued interest and other charges will get adjusted against the outstanding principal amount.
You can make part payments by logging into the app and repaying a custom amount against your Gold Loan.

No, there are no extra charges or hidden fees associated with a Gold Loan from Home. The only charge applicable is interest accumulated on your Gold Loan amount.