Get a Gold Loan from Home for any emergency


Sometimes we have to deal with immediate expenses such as a medical emergency that needs quick action. Our regular income may be insufficient to meet such expenses if we do not have a rainy day fund. We may need to look for some financial help. A Gold Loan from Home can be the easiest solution in such situations.

We offer Gold Loan from Home. You can apply for a gold loan from the comfort of your home. We are a SBU of Muthoot FinCorp, one of the leading NBFCs in India with a legacy of 135 years.

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Here are five situations where a Gold Loan from Home can bail you out of a financial emergency.

Job Layoff: Job loss is one of the most common financial emergencies you may encounter. You can pledge gold jewellery lying idle in your locker to meet the living expenses till you get stabilized.

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Business Expansion: Businesses often require extra funds for expansion or meet a sudden cash-flow issue. Gold loans can be helpful in such situations.

Educational Requirements: Suppose you or a family member qualified for admission to a prestigious college and an educational loan is unavailable due to the guarantor’s creditworthiness or CIBIL records. A gold loan can be the last resort in such cases..

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Medical Emergency: If a family member falls ill or has an unfortunate accident that requires money for treatment, a gold loan can be a preferred option as the cash disbursement is very quick. You can apply for our gold loan even without stepping out of the home. Our Gold Loan from Home is processed in only 30 minutes*.

Wedding Expenses: Sometimes, for various reasons, you need to plan a wedding within a short period. Usually, a wedding involves a lot of expenditure. You can opt for a gold loan if a marriage fund is not reserved within tehe family. Gold loans can cover expenses such as booking the wedding destination, hiring a wedding organizer and videographer, and wedding outfits and decoration expenses.

Apart from the above, there can be any other situation where you need to arrange instant finance. It could be due to wrong financial decisions taken by one of the partners in the family or business, or you wish to help someone in need. Whatever the financial emergency, our Gold Loan from Home is the most convenient solution. We offer a 0% processing fee without any hidden charges. Our lowest gold loan interest rates and flexible repayment schemes will help you repay quickly.

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