Why Should I Take Dhan Suraksha Policy?

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In today’s times having a reliable safety net brings peace of mind. Muthoot FinCorp Dhan Suraksha Policy, available on Muthoot FinCorp ONE and provided by TATA AIG is not just an insurance policy; it's a friend in need.

Designed to offer a unique blend of benefits, this policy stands out as a trustworthy companion for both Gold Loan and Non-Gold Loan customers.

1. Tailored Plans and Premium Options: The Muthoot FinCorp Dhan Surakhsha Policy presents three distinct plans - Silver, Gold, and Platinum - each with Basic, Standard, and Premium as premium payment options. This flexibility ensures that you can choose a plan that best aligns with your specific needs and financial capabilities.

2. Silver Plan: The Silver Plan for Dhan Suraksha, caters to various financial needs, includes Accidental Death Benefit, Hospital Daily Cash, EMI Protect, and Critical Illness Cover. With affordable one-time payment options for Annual Premium, individuals can choose between Basic, Standard, and Premium coverage, making it accessible for all.

3. Gold Plan: Offering an increased coverage, the Dhan Suraksha Gold Plan provides higher benefit amounts for Accidental Death, Hospital Daily Cash, EMI Protect, and Critical Illness. The one-time payment options cater to diverse preferences, ensuring individuals can select the level of coverage that suits their requirements and budget.

4. Platinum Plan: For those seeking extensive coverage, the Dhan Suraksha Platinum Plan offers the highest benefit amounts for Accidental Death, Hospital Daily Cash, EMI Protect, and Critical Illness. With Basic, Standard, and Premium coverage options, individuals can customize their plan for optimal protection.

5. Easy Purchase Through Muthoot FinCorp ONE App: The convenience of purchasing Muthoot FinCorp Dhan Suraksha Policy through Muthoot FinCorp ONE app is unparalleled. In just a few simple steps, you can select your plan, enter details, and make a secure payment. The seamless process ensures a hassle-free experience. Click here to know more.

6. Instant Policy Issuance: Muthoot FinCorp Dhan Suraksha Policy provides instant policy issuance for individuals without health issues. This feature enhances the accessibility and speed of obtaining crucial financial protection.

7. Multiple Modes of Payment: The Muthoot FinCorp ONE app supports various payment modes, including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI, and e-Wallets, making it convenient for you to choose a preferred method for payment.

8. Customer-Centric Eligibility Criteria: The Dhan Suraksha policy is designed for both new and existing Muthoot FinCorp Ltd. customers, emphasizing inclusivity. To be eligible, individuals need a Unique Customer Identification Code (UCIC) with an active status, ensuring a streamlined process for policyholders.

9. Comprehensive Coverage: Dhan Suraksha Policy stands out with its extensive coverage, encompassing Accidental Death Benefit, Permanent Total Disability Benefit, Hospital Daily Cash, EMI Protect, and Critical Illness Cover. This holistic approach ensures that you are shielded against various unforeseen events.

10. No Renewal Hassles: Simplifying the user experience, Muthoot FinCorp Dhan Suraksha Policy doesn't require renewal. After the 12-month policy term, you can seamlessly make a fresh purchase, eliminating the hassle of renewals.

The Dhan Suraksha Policy provides tailored plans, easy accessibility through the Muthoot FinCorp ONE app, instant policy issuance, and customer-centric approach. It also offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking robust protection.

Choose Dhan Suraksha Policy - because securing your future should be as straightforward as your journey with Muthoot FinCorp ONE app.

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